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The Hella Classics team is here to provide you with the platinum quality you have come to expect. Catering for recording artists, advertising companies, TV/Film, computer game companies, multimedia developers and anyone searching for instrumental music. If you have been searching online or offline for something different to the usual styles on the market, then HellaClassics.com is the place to be. Purchase beats from our store and start making hits today!

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Who We Are

Our team comprises of CEO / Producer Hella Classics, and co-producer Arthur Piper. Together we formed a platform for artists, film and advertising companies or anyone in search of quality Hip Hop instrumentals. Our passion for music has led to a career in the industry, and we made it our mission to share this passion of ours by providing you with premium quality Rap beats, East Coast, West Coast, alternative Hip Hop/Rock, beats with hooks, Underground Hip Hop Beats and more. Whatever your vision, whatever your need, Hella Classics will work with you to develop your individual sound, providing great multicultural beats that will take your music to the next level. We’re not just businessmen; we’re passionate about Hip Hop. Try us and see what a difference it makes working with true professionals and real aficionados of the traditional Hip Hop sound. You won’t be disappointed, we’ll make sure of that.

Hella Classics bio

Hella Classics BioBorn in 1993, out of Sheffield City in the UK, Steve Chadwick (aka Hella Classics) began making beats as a hobby shortly after leaving school in 2009. He had been a huge fan of Hip Hop music since he was a child, but had never considered becoming a producer or indeed doing anything in the world of music, but by the time he left school, it was a path that he wanted to travel. Without any previous experience in music, he started learning and reading all he could, experimenting with different types of music, and generally educating himself. However, the more he learned, the more he wanted to know, and he began to work on whatever he could, often staying up all night to practice and read up on the art of music production. For the first time in his life he had found something that he knew he was passionate about.

Inspired and influenced by music from emcees and producers such as DJ Premier, Swollen Members, Anno Domini Beats, Linkin Park, D12, Army Of The Pharaohs, Gravediggaz, Stoupe, Dr. Dre and many more, Steve continues to develop and perfect his own style and has made it his mission in life to form a diverse team of international Hip Hop producers, and to provide both independent and major recording artists with a go to platform for great, affordable Hip Hop beats for sale.

Arthur Piper bio

Arthur Piper BioBorn in 1996, Arthur Piper (formally known as Dee-Rhyme) is a producer, Dj, emcee and audio engineer hailing from Latvia. His keen interest in music lead him on his path to music production in 2010, and around three years later he established his Hip Hop production company Limelight Tunes. Arthur later met Hella Classics online, and the two began to work together and became close friends. In late 2013, Hella Classics had decided to turn his brand name into a team effort, and asked Arthur Piper to partner with him, leading to Hella Classics today, a vibrant platform to provide Hip Hop beats to musicians all over the world.

Arthur’s influences include artists and producers such as Mike Shinoda (Fort Minor/Linkin Park), Bushido, Eminem, AraabMUZIK, Dr. Dre, Boi-1da, 50 Cent, Apollo Brown, and Booba just to name a few. At the same time, he’s developed his own unique sound and is always looking for what’s new and fresh in the Hip Hop scene. Arthur’s worked with renowned producers and recording artists including Anno Domini, 2Deep, Choo Biggz and Capitol D. Today his creative talents are at your disposal at Hella Classics. Arthur knows Hip Hop, and his talent for creating great beats is unsurpassed.