How do I buy beats?

Buying beats from our website is an easy process, to make a purchase visit our Beat Store and follow the instructions. Purchased beats are sent instantly to your email as a download link, along with a PDF License Agreement. If your beats don’t appear in your inbox, be sure to check your “spam/junk” folder in case  they ended up in there. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still haven’t received an order, we’re here to help!

If I buy a beat, will the audio tags be removed?

Yes. Your beat will be sent to you in high quality WAV and MP3 formats, untagged.

Can you send me the beat tag free if I use it for non profit purposes?

Beats without tags are only available when a license is purchased, regardless of what you intend to use the beat(s) for.

Do you offer bulk deals/discounts?

Yes, we regularly offer bulk deals and discounts! Discounts will be applied to your cart when you enter the coupon code on the player. Bulk deals are automatically applied when you add the right amount of beats to the cart, details on bulk deals and discounts will always be shown on the Homepage. For more deals and discounts, sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for deals and discount codes exclusively for our fans and subscribers (you won’t find these anywhere else).

What are Free downloads and what can I do with them?

Free downloads are tagged MP3 files. These are for non-profit use, such as demo tracks & practice recordings etc. Also for free audio and video platforms like Soundcloud or YouTube etc.You are not allowed to use free downloads for any profitable projects/uses what so ever. Credit must ALWAYS be given to the producer when using one of our beats. Click here to access the free downloads

What different licensing options do you offer, and what can I do with each license?

We offer five different licensing options, these are MP3 Lease, WAV Lease, Premium Lease, Unlimited Lease, and Exclusive Rights. For more information on each license, visit the Licensing Information page.

What happens if I have leased a beat that has later been sold with exclusive rights?

Your rights to use the beat will remain intact until you have reached your sales cap. But if you have reached your allowed limit, you will not be able to purchase another license once the exclusive rights have been sold.

What happens once I have reached my allowed sales limit?

If you reach your sales cap and would like to sell more units you must purchase another license (regarding the beat is still available for purchase and hasn’t been sold exclusively to someone else).

What are Track Outs?

Track outs, otherwise known as “stem files” are the individual elements/layers of the beat (Instruments, Drums etc.) These are available with Premium, Unlimited and Exclusive Licenses to give you or your mixing engineer full flexibility over your mix.

How do I properly give credit to the producer for the beat(s) I have used?

If you have used a beat produced by any producer from Hella Classics, be sure to give credit to them in written form. This could include in the track title for YouTube videos/soundcloud etc, on the track listing of an album/mixtape/ep, or in the video description for YouTube videos. Example credits could include “Produced by Hella Classics (or producers name), Beat by Hella Classics (or producers name), Music by Hella Classics (or producers name).

Still have questions?

If you made it through this entire F.A.Q and still haven’t found an answer to your question, Contact Us (serious enquiries only).