Maximum Results From Your YouTube Channel

Maximum Results From Your YouTube Channel

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Steve Chadwick here with another post from a series of posts related to music promotion and marketing. I’m starting with YouTube because as you know, it’s a free platform, and whether you have a decent budget for promo or not, you really should have your music up there. It’s also one of the most powerful tools you will use in your career as a musician or producer when used properly, and even record labels (big and small) have their own channels on there.


Now before I get into any of the strategies I use for my YouTube channel, let’s look at the statistics for 2014.

According to the statistics I pulled from a page on YouTube, there are over a billion unique visits to YouTube every month. Millions of people are subscribing to other peoples channels every day, six billion hours of content is viewed each month, around one hundred hours of video is uploaded every minute, and more US citizens between the ages of eighteen and thirty four are reached by YouTube than they are from cable networks. Oh, and only 20% of the traffic comes from the USA (think of how many fans you could reach overseas!).

As stated, these are the statistics from 2014, and these figures grow dramatically every year. YouTube is a beast.
Any one you know uses YouTube to listen to music or beats, so you need to take the time to optimize your videos the right way to be found a lot easier among the billions of hours of other content on there.Anyway, I think I’ve hyped it up enough now, let’s get into the cool stuff that you can start doing today to increase your reach.
Firstly, I would recommend you start by optimizing your channel, follow these steps:

1. Name your channel as close to your keywords as possible. For example, my YouTube channel is titled “Hella Classics | Hip Hop Beats & Rap Instrumentals”. You will have noticed that my brand name and main keywords are in the title of the channel, helping add to brand awareness, and letting YouTube and viewers know what to expect from this channel.
I am more likely to show up in a search on YouTube for the term “Rap Instrumentals” partly because I have that key phrase in my title (there’s more to it than that, I’ll be going over that later when I talk about optimizing the videos).

2. Set your channel keywords. To do this, go to channel settings, advanced, and then type in your keywords with quotation marks around them. If you make hip hop music, good keyword ideas could be “hip hop music”, “rap music” “rapper”, “emcee” etc. I’m not sure how much of an impact this has, but it may give you a slight boost in the search results for these keywords and similar keywords. The real boost you will get will be from the keywords in your video titles and descriptions (again, more on that later), but it can’t hurt to spend the extra five seconds adding the channel keywords.

3. Set your channel icon to either a picture of you, or your logo if you have one (if you don’t have a logo, you should really think about getting one, it makes you look more professional and is a key part of brand awareness). Add some channel art to your channel too, this is just a banner that makes your channel look more personalised.
It’s up to you what you have on your channel art, but I would recommend a picture of your logo if you have one, or a picture of you or your group if you are part of a team, plus some text on there with any kind of web addresses (facebook page, twitter page, official website etc). You could even put some art on there that shows off the front cover of your latest or upcoming album/mixtape/ep.

If you don’t have any graphic design skills, you can get this done for $5 at a website called Fiverr has a lot of designers that will work on any kind of graphic design projects, and everything on that site is $5. Just make sure to only deal with people who have high ratings, these are people who will be much more reliable and trust worthy than people with a bad rep. Or if you don’t mind spending more you can get an insanely dope logo from my usual designer Maximilian over at Tripict. I would recommend going with him if you have the money as he’s experienced in graphic design for musicians and producers, otherwise go to fiverr.

4. In the channel settings advanced section, fill in the associated website field with your website or blog if you have one. Then tick allow my channel to appear in other channels recommendations (another way to get extra traffic to your music). Then tick whichever box you like in the subscriber count section (if you don’t have many subscribers you might want to leave this blank for now).

That’s it for the channel optimization part. It’s very easy, and will pay off in the long run. In the next post I’m going to break down the process of optimizing your videos to help them come up a little higher in the search results, and increase the chance of them being found by the right people.

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