More Traffic To Your Music On YouTube

More Traffic To Your Music On YouTube


What’s good whoever’s reading this

Steve Chadwick (Hella Classics) back again with the second post on music promotion and marketing.

Following on from the previous post about promoting on YouTube, in this post I’m breaking down the video optimization part. Click here to read the previous post, otherwise, I’m just gonna get straight down to business.

Before you upload anything, it is important to make sure your video is in HD format, as YouTube favors high quality videos over low quality ones these days. Not only that, but don’t you want people to enjoy listening to your music? It’s better to have a video in HD than to have a video play in low quality that crackles and has bad picture quality.

So start with uploading a video to your channel, and name it something descriptive, for example, one of my uploads was titled “Army Of The Pharaohs Type Beat “Asylum” prod. by “Hella Classics”, because these are the keywords I wanted the video to be found under, and it includes my producer name and the name of the beat.

I titled this video the way I did for three reasons.

1. When someone searches YouTube for a beat that sounds like one the Army of The Pharaohs would use, they have a better chance of finding my beat through the search results

2. The name of the beat is in the title, so they can refer back to it at a later date if they ever wanted to hear it again

3. My name is in the description, letting people know I made it

A lot of the traffic to my YouTube videos comes through titling my videos the way I do, and adding the relevant tags to the video and in the video description.

Add tags to your video (don’t use too many, between 5 and 7 is ok). Try to get the tags as relevant and targeted to your audience as possible. Rappers could use tags such as “hip hop music”, “rap music” etc.

Write a detailed description of your video, the longer it is the better. Be sure to include the following in your description:

  • A link to your website or blog.
  • A link to your YouTube channel.
  • Links to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc).
  • Your Gmail address or any other contact email.


5. Write a detailed description of what your video is about, and get your keywords in the description too. Include the name of the artist(s) in the track, and the name of the producer who made the beat / instrumental for your track. Not only is it fair and right to give credit where it’s due, but you would also increase your chances of showing up for their searches too. Let’s say you used one of my beats, and then you added my name in the description like this “produced by Hella Classics”, and even in the title of the video too if you had enough room left, you would extend the key phrases that people can find your video with, as my name would also act as a tag and a key word to your video.

Type the tags below the video description if you can’t find a way to fit them in the description.To see an example of how I write my descriptions for the videos on my channels, check out one of my videos (here’s a good one)

You will see how I have followed the check list I have provided you with in this post.

7. Feature your new video on your older videos to drive traffic from one video to another. Let’s say you have a song on your channel that gets a decent amount of views, or that you are working hard to promote, featuring your new video on the other one will get more views and push you further up in the rankings on YouTube for your specific keyword(s). You could also do this with video annotations.

8. When uploading videos, it’s a good idea to have an attractive thumbnail, as this increases click through rates when someone sees an interesting picture, instead of just a frame of your video (max file size is 2mb for custom thumbnails, make sure the text and images is as big as possible so it’s easily viewable on mobile devices).

9. Select your category (music, obviously!).

10. Add your new video to a playlist if you have one. This isn’t totally necessary, but would be a good idea if you was to upload a full album to your channel, you could create separate playlists for each album or mix tape you upload.

Now you know everything I know about fully optimizing your YouTube channel and videos. But I still have more knowledge on getting more out of YouTube, which I will be covered in the next post.

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