YouTube Authority & Ranking Factors

YouTube Authority & Ranking Factors


I hope you have been applying the knowledge I’ve been dropping on you about YouTube in my last two posts

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I still have some more valuable information to give, so in this final post on YouTube tactics I’ll be sharing the rest of my knowledge.

This time I’m going to talk about the different ranking factors & tactics you can apply to your arsenal of knowledge on promoting your music effectively on YouTube.

A great tactic to get more exposure to your videos is to get them shared to others via a link (this is also called a re-post), and YouTube loves this, because they see your videos as quality uploads if other people are sharing them, so in turn they reward you by ranking you higher. You can start by asking friends and family to share your videos, but the best results come from getting them promoted to a wider audience.

For faster results, it may be worth trying out a few gigs on the website I suggested in an earlier article ( You can pay $5 to get your video shared to thousands of others by going to fiverr and typing in Facebook repost, twitter retweet, and pintrest repin. Do this and you will see lists of people offering to share your videos to their lists of followers to help you reach a ton of people you may not have been able to reach before.

When hiring them, make sure to ask that they post the full link and not a shortened version, or YouTube and Google won’t recognize it as a re post. Getting views on your video is great, but getting views and having your video recognized as a re post is even better, and will help your rankings more.

Another tactic to get your channel seen by others and to make your channel look natural to YouTube is to actively comment on other videos. This counts as a back link to your channel whenever someone clicks on your name and goes through to your channel, offering multiple bonuses besides the back link that YouTube loves. But whatever you do, don’t spam.

If you get reported for spamming it won’t do you any favors for your channel, and not only that but it pisses people off! If you’re trying to build an audience, make connections and gain fans, the last thing you want to do is push people away by commenting on videos saying things like “check out my music” or “subscribe to my channel”.


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And now for the ranking factors…

The trust and authority of your channel has a major ranking factor.

• Trust – age of channel, number of subscribers, channel views, total views of all uploaded videos, connected Google+ profile, ad sense
• Authority – Channel title (being relevant to your brand / audience), channel keywords and description, link to homepage, related channels, playlists

And there are factors that can be influenced with your videos. These are

• Frequent uploads. The more frequently you can put out new videos the better. Uploading videos on a weekly basis is ideal, and uploading more than one new video a week is excellent for your rankings because this tells YouTube that you are consistently putting out new content.
• Views and user reactions (likes, subscribers, comments, shares etc). This shows that people are interested in what you are uploading, a good and natural amount of views and user reactions is what makes you stand out to YouTube and Google.
• Recommendations. This is when people share your videos, and embed your videos on their websites and blogs. This is a big plus for your videos.

You might as well set up Adsense for your account too if you haven’t already.

Go to channel settings, features, click verify, enter your phone number and select SMS or voice call and your country. YouTube will then send you a verification code which you will enter after receiving it. Then go back to channel settings, features and click enable in the monetization section, agree to the terms and your set up to monetize your videos. Unless your videos get millions of views every time you upload one, you won’t see much money from Adsense, but why not set it up? It’s free money whenever someone clicks on an ad on your video, and an extra $50 or even $25 at the end of the year is worth it for 2 minutes of work.

So there you have it, my YouTube strategy revealed. So go out there and make some noise all over YouTube!

I hope you learned something valuable from this series of posts, and I will have more tips/strategies in the near future for you to start using. Hit me up at if you have any questions, or if you would like to request a topic for this blog. I’ll be happy to hear from you and would love to help you out with your career. If you found this info useful or interesting, feel free to share it so someone else can benefit from it!